Life and Love

To dad, on your birthday

I love you so.

Dear dad,

Thank you.

Thank you for sending me pictures of sunsets and mountains and Wetzyl. For planking on the counter and for being excited about the new lights in the garage.

Thank you for showing mom and I your guitar solos. It makes me smile to know you’ve never fallen out of love with music. I know you’re happy when I open the garage and hear the bass pumping in the room above me.

Thank you for encouraging my creative side, my adventurous side. Thank you for reminding me to be safe in different countries and for telling everyone I’m going to write a bestseller someday. Maybe I’ll title it Living on the Edge of Insanity 😉

Thank you for writing songs about Wetzyl (instant classics), introducing Justin and I to the BeeJoys and their best song Christmas Time, Mama Says, and for filling the house with other silly songs over the years. They never fail to make me laugh.

Thank you for waking up early to start my car during winter mornings when I was in high school. And thank you for buying me a new one after the Acura’s brakes gave out and I called you crying. Then you drove it home.

Thank you for nights of watching SNL on the couch and for giving me the most ridiculous sense of humor.

Thank you for making green pepper steak any time I ask for it.

Dear dad,

Thank you.

Thank you for loving me. For the big hugs you give me before I go back to my apartment. I never want them to end.

Thank you for standing at the door with mom to wave goodbye so we can say “Love you,” just one more time. I’ll never be able to say it enough.

You are special. You are strong. You are a big goof. I love you so.

Happy birthday.

By laurenstockam

Lauren is a graduate student at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO.

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