To My Girls

To my girls,

Last night as we sat in the basement of Brooke’s familiar house in our prom dresses, I started to reminisce about all of the times we’ve had there. Times when we had never put on eyeliner, passed our driver’s tests, or seen an R-rated movie. Times when we stayed up late into the night creating cheesy movies, dancing like idiots, or complaining about our middle school catastrophes. Times when graduating high school seemed like a moment in the future that would never come. Times when we didn’t have 11 precious days of this redundant school-day routine left. Times when our youth seemed full of endless possibilities.

I’ve known you both since sixth grade. We became friends when I was an Aeropostale tshirt-wearing, blubbering, lanky, awkward pre-teen. I’m not sure what it was that compelled you two precious human beings to be my friend, but my life changed course because of you. If there’s anything I’ve learned to appreciate in my lifetime, it’s that you both have been fiercely loyal friends to me for seven years. I don’t think I could ever explain with my words how important that is to me.

When you’re an angsty teenager friends come and go, but through every single moment of my high school career (and middle school, for that matter) I knew I could always count on you. There were times that I didn’t deserve either of you, but I knew that you’d be there to hug me whenever I needed it. For that, I cannot say thank you enough.

To think that I won’t be walking school hallways with you next year brings tears to my eyes and heaviness to my heart. Life’s going to change for sure, but something in my mind tells me that we’ll be just fine. I will always support you two in whatever you do, and I will always love you. Please don’t forget that on a night next year when you might be feeling lonely.

High school’s not over yet, but I just wanted to remind you both that you are so, so special to me. I didn’t know what best friends were until I met you. Thank you for the past seven years of laughter, inside jokes, and pep talks. Thank you for dealing with my bossiness, supporting me, and picking me up when I was down. Thank you for buying me ice cream because I was short on cash, forgiving me when I made you ride in my messy car, and for our late-night conversations. They’re the ones I’ll never forget.

Here’s to the next seven years of friendship, and to the countless adventures we’ll have in the future. I can’t wait to see what’s in store. Here’s to us.


Larn 🙂


By laurenstockam

Lauren is a graduate student at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO.

2 replies on “To My Girls”

Awww, that’s really sweet, Lauren. Made me get a lump in my throat. Friends that have known you since you were kids grow even more precious as the years go by and your lives change. May you all stay connected for many years to come.


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