The Day I Started a Blog

Hi. My name is Lauren, but if you followed a link here from some sort of social media you already know that. I’m seventeen years and eleven months old, I’m five feet eight inches tall, and tomorrow at 7:50 AM I start my senior year of high school. I’m that person that is already nostalgic about everything ending even though school hasn’t started yet, so you’ll have to bear with me as best you can. I decided to start this blog for two reasons. The first reason is that once I leave the school that has provided memories the past four years of my life, I want to be a writer. Technically a journalist, but that involves frequent writing, so I decided I needed to get some practice. The second reason is that once I’m grown up with a real job I want to be able to have something that will take me back to high school. For example, I want to remember how I was feeling the night before I started senior year, (at the moment it is ecstatic and anxious, somehow at the same time). I want to have something that I can come back to when I need to remember how passionate I was about everything at this age because I feel like in the future I will probably need it. This isn’t just for me though, so I suppose there is a third reason, and that’s you. If you take the time to read the sporadic posts I will upload here I hope you laugh even when I’m not funny, cry because you’ve known me since I was three and somehow I’m graduating, or get angry because my opinion doesn’t line up with yours, (I’m not going to apologize for that by the way).

Right now it is 8:30 PM, and I am furiously avoiding the last 100 pages of my summer reading book, (On Writing by Stephen King, which is actually really good I am just unmotivated). The act of me writing right now is about 70% the product of this procrastination, but hopefully this blog doesn’t take that personally because I’ve been wanting to start it for a while. I suppose I don’t have much to tell my future self (or you) right now, except to breathe in every moment of the next nine months. You don’t think so currently, but you will miss it so much. Don’t forget the small details, like the rip in your backpack, the view from the science hallway staircase, standing in the pouring rain at football games three hours away, listening to Hannah Hunt (Vampire Weekend) and screaming, “IF I CAN’T TRUST YOU THEN DAMMIT HANNAH” at the top of your lungs, all of it.

It will go by fast, so please do your best to enjoy it.

Now, go read that book before mom yells at you again.

-Lauren on August 12, 2015

By laurenstockam

Lauren is a graduate student at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO.

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